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Ever since the great Napster disruption, the rise and dominance of tech giants has shaped the music industry for better or for worse. 

Platforms like iTunes, Soundcloud and Spotify, have shaped how music reaches its audience, while bandcamp and Beatport have set the tempo for direct sales channels. But new innovations in technology have the power to dramatically change that tempo. With DROP, independent artists are now getting the opportunity to reach their very first fans, know who they are, and engage with them like never before using brand new technology, in a non-invasive way.

Music creation tools are becoming more accessible and more sophisticated every day, the output of these is growing exponentially each year. At the same time, incumbent music platforms have become complacent with their operations; ignoring game-changing technology and focusing their attention on their shareholders. This is allowing bad players to steal music, launder money via illegally uploaded tracks, or even distribute tracks that don't belong to them. Unofficial remixes masquerading as the real deal are everywhere, while stream and fan numbers are easily gamed or manipulated.

Within the next five years, we will witness an even more profound integration of everything digital into our lives. Concepts of digital ownership, engagement, interactions, connections, and value exchange will continue to evolve and be redefined - but only by those willing to recognize the problem and change it.

Enter DROP - a new music platform for changing how artists, labels, and fans connect through music. This isn’t our first rodeo, it’s the result of 6+ years of innovation at the intersection of music and technology.

At its core, DROP is simply about directly supporting the artists and music you love to get a sense of ownership, authenticity and connection. For a number of people, these phrases might make stomachs turn - the slightest mention of ‘Web3’ conjures up images of greedy, immature, tribalists spouting technical jargon to make a buck from a more foolish buyer. 

Fortunately, we’re past the ugly teething stage, and the industry is finally reaching the level of maturity that the technology deserves. 

This is a good thing for all of us. Because this technology holds immense practicality in the music industry. In fact, the applications of this technology seem tailor-made for music specifically. Let us give you some examples:

Ownership & Fan Connection. 

On DROP, when fans purchase music, they truly own it. This transforms regular purchases into a connection for deeper label/ artist-listener relationships. This isn’t possible with the old way of downloading files from digital download sites or streaming on any DSP.  We now have an active connection with the music owner, we can identify who they are, what music and artists they’re holding, and then invite them into both online and real world perks and experiences. We can call this evolution Connected Digital Music. 

Screenshot 2023-11-09 130254.png

Unlock Fan Perks:

Connected Digital Music on DROP becomes your 'key’ to the artist's world, unlocking special benefits like exclusive shows, VIP areas, merch discounts, surprise releases, and unique content.

Limited Issue:

Artists can create exclusivity by limiting the number of Connected digital copies of their music. Then, they can easily identify and reward 'super fans' who own these limited assets, solidifying a supportive, engaged fan base. Quality over quantity.

None of the above mentions anything about getting rich quick, flipping digital items or speculative investments. 

This is about connection, and that has never been something to fear. 

DROP is building an end-to-end platform solution for artists, labels, DJs, curators and superfans to capture the best parts of distributed technology and burn the rest. An evolution in how we buy music, play it and share it is well overdue. 

DROP is open now with our first community releases, and the invite is open for artists and labels who want to be involved. We promise you an ongoing stream of releases from the world’s biggest electronic music artists and we invite you to help shape the future.