Welcome to DROP

Welcome to DROP

⁠So, what is Drop?

DROP is a new music platform focused on serving the electronic music community. DROP allows artists to manage, share, sell, and distribute tracks easily - while giving fans a deeper, more exciting experience. Artists can independently release and monetize their work, while fans gain unique content and direct connections with their favorite artists. On DROP, owning tracks and releases creates a bridge between you and your listeners, turning simple transactions into meaningful relationships.

For artists and labels, DROP offers a pre-release platform for maximizing the promotion, sales, and distribution of every new song, exclusive re-issue, and value-added items such as stems, producer packs or physical merch. For electronic music super-fans and DJs, DROP offers the opportunity to prove your passion for the artists and sounds you love; enjoying the perks through social media, all the way to the nightclub.

DROP is live now with Deluxe Digital Releases that connect labels, artists, and fans, while integrated music distribution and DROP Studio is set to launch soon.

What Are Deluxe Releases?

A Deluxe Release is a unique package release of a single, EP or album. Unlike a regular release, a Deluxe Release contains more content for your fans, making it a much more valuable proposition. They are also limited in number with a set, finite supply available, which adds to their exclusivity. With Deluxe Releases, fans can unlock an experience far deeper than a typical purchase which they can collect and trade. They aren’t just buying music, they’re about owning music history.

Each deluxe release is unique and can contain a mix of the following:

  • Remix Versions & VIP Edits
  • Track Stems
  • Merchandise, Vinyl or other physical collectibles
  • Access to shows & other live events

The contents of a deluxe release change each time, and are entirely up to the artist and their team. 

What Is DROP Studio?

DROP Studio is the artists workspace. The control centre.

DROP Studio delivers valuable insights into your direct-to-fan sales and listener demographics. It lets you keep tabs on your true fans, track music ownership and exchange, and offers instant payments for every sale made. You can also compare your direct sales with traditional streaming figures, all through a single, intuitive dashboard.

Studio lets you take control, engage authentically, and flourish within a platform that respects and amplifies the artist-fan connection.

The Road Ahead:

DROP's release strategy is carefully phased to ensure we grow sustainably, while maximizing value for our users. It leverages the value proposition of our platform, the market dynamics, and the gradual progression of our product scope.

  • Phase 1: Launch with curated Deluxe Editions from high-profile artists.

  • Phase 2: Introduction of the light studio and player.

  • Phase 3: Enable all artists to sell additional digital content, broadening our artist base, and introduce comprehensive user profiles to enhance user engagement.

  • Phase 4: Expand on previous features, introduce an artist-centric suite of tools, and create a robust platform for music creation, sharing, and sales.

This phased strategy allows us to manage our growth effectively, ensuring we are building a platform that resonates with our user base, aligns with market trends, and is technically robust. It also gives us the flexibility to adapt to changes and insights garnered during each phase. That is just the beginning, and we're not stopping. DROP is constantly exploring the next set of innovations that will propel us further, keep us at the forefront of the industry, and continue to provide value to both artists and their fans.