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VOIDCHASER Drops Deluxe Release

VOIDCHASER Drops Deluxe Release

Get ready to immerse yourself in the soothing, euphoric beats of VOIDCHASER's first Deluxe Release, his brand new EP - 'New World' which is now live on DROP! For lovers of Yotto, Lane 8, Dusky, or Ben Böhmer - VOIDCHASER's latest offering dips between smooth and soulful; effortlessly moving into punchy, driving beats that show the young Scottsman's production proficiency and sonic palette.

When you're listening through each of these tracks, it's clear that VOIDCHASER's heart and soul has been poured into this, with every melody on the EP carefully crafted, layering immersive soundscapes that reflect the raw beauty and complex emotions of VOIDCHASER's introspective exploration. 'New World' goes beyond simply replicating natural sounds, instead resonating with the essence of the wilderness, inviting listeners to explore huge sonic landscapes.

Like all the best Deluxe Releases on DROP, VOIDCHASER's includes some awesome extras.

Each Deluxe Release includes:

  • ⁠Digital download of 'New World'
  • 'New World' Track Stems
  • VOIDCHASER's Drop Samples Vol.1

The unique sounds on 'New World' come from a fusion of organic percussion and pseudo-analogue synthesizers, creating a genuine and heartfelt soundscape that stands out. VOIDCHASER’s dedication to authenticity and emotional resonance is clear in every track. We're stoked to be bringing you VOIDCHASER's 'New World' and can't wait for you to be taken on the auditory exploration that awaits you.

Oh, and there are only fifity copies available! So grab one before they're all gone.