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Spencer Brown Drops 'Equanimity'

Spencer Brown Drops 'Equanimity'

Spencer Brown is today announcing his first Deluxe Release on DROP in the form of his album, 'Equanimity'. A limited run of 100 copies of this unreal eleven track album are coming to DROP on February 16th, each coming with a signed vinyl copy of the album, plus some other special extras. The album, which is the result of years of personal tribulations, self reflection and ultimately peace, is full of the introspective, trascendent beats that have catapulted Brown on his meteoric journey.


⁠Spencer Brown is a leader in the new generation of progressive house and techno. Whether it be his releases on world-class imprints such as Anjunadeep, Bedrock, Last Night on Earth, Factory93, and his own burgeoning diviine imprint, through to his legendary DJ sets, Spencer Brown is an artist who’s going the extra mile to deliver an uncompromised sound and experience to his fans.  The next step on Spencer’s meteoric journey is ‘Equanimity,’ Brown’s third album.

⁠Built off the back of the global pandemic - which led to the cancellation of almost all of Brown's 2nd album tour and income, as well as his first breakup, the death of his grandmother, publicly coming out as gay, and grappling with his out-of-control OCD, 'Equanimity' marks the closing of a profoundly difficult chapter for Spencer Brown.

“When I wasn’t thinking about these things, life looked even worse through my phone,” he says. Every day I saw a rapid-fire stream of contradictions: sugar-coated highlight reels balanced by extremism and negativity from the news, designed to game our emotions for attention. After enough nights driven by pain and uncertainty, I realized that all I can control is how I let external stimuli affect my being. At first, I tried to eliminate the things causing my day to get worse; then I realized I had to be OK with them. I had to accept difficulties and let them pass through me. During this period, a friend introduced me to the concept of equanimity, describing it as “calmness and composure, especially in a difficult situation. This was the exact skill I had unknowingly been trying to find. Written between 2019 and 2023, ‘Equanimity’ describes how I learned to be OK when external stimuli are out of my control. All we can do is work on how we react to the world around us.”  

Each Deluxe Release on DROP can contain some additional extras, whether it's tickets to a live show, physical merch, track stems - you name it. Spencer's Deluxe Release is no different and it is stacked with exclusive extras.

Every 'Equanimity' Deluxe Release comes with:

  • A full album mix
  • All 'Equanimity' edit
  • All 'Equanimity' remixes
  • Hi-Res Digital Artwork
  • A signed, numbered 'Equanimity' vinyl
  • QR code for merch discount
  • A3 Tour poster

Like we said, there are only 100 of these so you need to be moving quick!

Grab your 'Equanimity' Deluxe Release here before they're gone