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Laminar Drops First Deluxe Release

Laminar Drops First Deluxe Release

Rising Drum & Bass prodigy Laminar is releasing his first Deluxe Release on DROP. The Deluxe Release - Laminar's reimagined version of 'Hold On', comes with high-quality WAV versions, instrumentals, stems and a super special VIP mix.

For those that don't yet know him (but trust us, you were bound to eventually) Laminar has been making a name for himself in the drum & bass scene for years. With a sound that pays homage to the genre's roots, Laminar injects each track with his own, distinctive flair. His music has already been released on labels like Liquicity Records, NCS, Ophelia, with an upcoming release on Monstercat; he's quickly becoming a favorite among genre enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

'Hold On' is the stunning result of an unexpected collaboration that sprang to life within the DROP community after Laminar and JYRYMY met in the DROP Discord server. This track is a special reminder to everyone at DROP the power of connection, and we couldn't be prouder to have played even just a small part in the tracks inception.

Featuring Welsh vocalist Gavin Beach, who has earned his following with his numerous collaborations and emotional covers, his performance on 'Hold On' is a glistening example of vocal authenticity and production. Together, with the help of Beach's evocative vocals, JYRYMY and Laminar have created a drum & bass masterpiece. Whether you're a die hard part of the scene or you're just dipping your toes for the first time, 'Hold On' is poised to be an anthem for everyone.

Included in the 'Hold On' Deluxe Release are:

  • 'Hold On' (Instrumental Version)
  • 'Hold On' (Laminar VIP Vocal Mix)
  • 'Hold On' Acapella Stems

There's just 100 copies of the 'Hold On' Deluxe Release available, so don't sleep on this one!