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Introducing: Inner Circle

Introducing: Inner Circle

At DROP, we're dedicated to putting more value into music by connecting labels, artists and fans in new and meaningful ways. As artists and producers ourselves, we know way too well the struggles, hardships and heartaches that come with trying to make it in the music industry. Getting your music heard, cutting through the noise and building a fanbase can feel like an impossible task. That's why we're launching the Inner Circle Program, a gateway for emerging talent. It will function within the DROP Discord; gated VIP channels will be unlocked for those who sign up.

The Inner Circle program has been meticulously designed to assist dedicated electronic music creators, to harness their talent and help them thrive; giving them a chance to level up their work and their careers. It offers exclusive access to labels, valuable opportunities to be heard as well as insights and feedback from industry experts.

Here's a full breakdown of what's on offer:

Exclusive Opportunities with Our Partners:

As an Inner Circle member, you gain access to unique opportunities facilitated by our esteemed Circuit Group partners, including Defected Records, mau5trap, 720 Management, and Ayita, just to name a few.

Intimate Fireside Chats with Industry Leaders:

Engage in insightful discussions with top figures in electronic music, ranging from label executives to artist managers. Get inspired and have your questions answered by the people that matter most to you.

Priority Feedback and Production Insights:

Receive prioritized feedback on your tracks and production techniques from the DROP team. As artists, getting personalized, meaningful feedback can be the difference between creating something good, and something great.

Priority Pitching for DROP's Label Releases:

Increase your chances of releasing music under DROP's labels with priority pitching.

Unique Distribution Offer:

Release your music through DROP and retain 100% of your royalties, empowering independent artists.

Limited Edition Merchandise:

Enjoy early access to DROP's exclusive merchandise and special merch gifts.

Remix and Partner Opportunities:

Get early access to remix competitions and partnership opportunities, before the rest of the crowd hears about them.

Submit to Exclusive Playlists:

Access DROP's selective DSP playlists, enhancing your music's visibility and spread your reach further.

Weekly 'Office Hours' with the DROP Team:

Engage directly with the DROP team. This is your opportunity to chat, ask questions, and gain insights into the electronic music industry. It's a space to learn, get inspired, and progress in your musical journey. Come prepared to explore and grow.

Be First And Get Rewarded:

Join DROP's Inner Circle today and send your music to new heights. As part of this exclusive community, you'll gain unparalleled access to industry experts, personalized feedback, and get unique opportunities with labels. Grab this limited-time offer to not only enhance your skills but also to make your mark in the electronic music world. For the first 100 users to sign up, DROP's Inner Circle Program is going for $14.50 per month, 50% off, for the first six months.

This is our way of saying thank you, for having belief in the program, and in yourself.

Join the DROP Inner Circle here